Creative Process must start with clear communications between us and our clients.

Briefs and introductions shared verbally via email or tele communications will be used to determine the most efficient and cost effective way to your solutions required. Below are our standard procedures you can expect during our client to provider relationships.

Providing that no program changes are required, and unless agreed to otherwise in writing, Proposals are valid for 30 days from date of issue beyond which prices and timeline may be subject to change. Kansept Media reserves right to correct without penalty or charge any errors or omissions associated with the proposal. If a Timeline has been submitted it shall move proportionately to date of final Agreement Signing.

Schedules & Costs
Proposals state that schedules, targets and workflow mapping etc. are to be refined in consultation with the Client; time and cost estimates may undergo revision as a result of new information and/or knowledge gain. Every effort shall be made to adhere to the final schedule and its milestones but Kansept Media shall not be held liable for default thereon. Kansept Media shall keep record of hours spent. Additional hours required above and beyond the estimate shall be billed to the client at the basic standard ($75.00/man hr.) and added to the final invoice. The Client shall be responsible to provide their deliverables (decisions, specifications, instructions, etc.) in timely fashion or, again, the timeline may be affected.

Client initiated Revisions are subject to additional fees charged at the standard basic rate. Prior to commencing Revisions, the Contractor shall draw up and submit to the Client a ‘Change Order Requisition’ for clarification and signature. Revisions may affect the timeline.

Should a dispute arise over Contractor’s Invoice or Service, the Client shall notify the Contractor in writing within ten days via signed receipt delivery so that Contractor can address the same. All disputes should be sent to the address as specified here:

By email:


By mail to:
Kansept Media
PO Box 39003
Surrey, BC
Canada V3S 9A7

Intellectual Property (I.P.)
Kansept Media shall have rights to showcase work that has been publicly released for portfolio, marketing and promotional purposes.­­