Samurai Way


When cherry blossom is at its perfect height, lone swordsman masters the way of the sword and perfects the course of word.

“道 . do” is the way a swordsman lead himself to be in perfect harmony with its surroundings, and “Saul Abi . Gaum Gek” only raises his sword when word is not heard by his opposers. Yet, to conquer the dark, he must be the dark, were light shines through briefly once again, with memories that came upon its perfect blossom. As it fade once its beautiful colours, remains the gaunt branches of sorrows descried by the opposers.

Bring out the SAMURAI in you, the way of Gaum Gek
Patience is a virtue, the saying goes. It is in you, subconscious inner self aching to be materialize. Show yourself, and get ready to sword up like a true Samurai.

lone swordsman
사울아비의 부상은 건국과 궤를 같이 한다. 고구려말 불교의 세습화, 부의 축적, 권력화, 귀족화 등의 부작용을 경험한 신주는 국학을 선포하고, 건국이념을 삼았다. 이 이상향은 요(堯) 임금과 순(舜) 임금이 덕으로 천하를 다스렸다는 태평시대, 즉 요순시대를 치세(治世)의 모범으로 삼고 있었다. 특히 경학(經學)은 학문의 핵심으로 유교경전에 포함돼 있는 진리를 탐구 해명하는 것을 최대 과제로여겼다.

Lautrec inspired .
accentuated by .
Japanese art print commercialized

now a POP with wide formats gone digital . popularized with ability to mass produce in various media

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