Happy Baby


Welcome to my place. I’m a Happy Baby. I only cry a little when I’m hungry but most of times, my life is full. Taking my baby steps, holding my parent’s hands, yearning for excitements which awaits me. Make me part of your World, I would like to see what you are up to and learn along the way. Who knows? I may bring you back the innocent once you posessed. I know I will.

Design variations for happy baby

Character application for Baby Safety products include; Plastic Baby on Board signs and Vinyl shape cut stickers. Vibrant colours are intact for high visibility yet subtle in design to minimize distractions.

BabyonBoard Sign by Kansept

You can browse and learn more about our products in our storeHappy babies can also be found in Etsy and Storenvy for your purchase conveniences. We hope to cruise with you soon!

Yet another functional decoration for the Timid

Baby Safety Sign is obviously for attentions. However, it is not to command the others to drive carefully. Rather, it is a polite gesture to engage the drivers that “We might drive ever so slow, since we have a precious on board”

Baby in Car Sticker by Kansept

Shape cut sticker design by Kansept


Shape cut sticker design by Kansept


Shape cut sticker design by Kansept


Shape cut sticker design by Kansept


Subtleness in mind, that would blend in with natural shape or line of the vehicle. The linear design is another effective sign for those who are bit timid with designs intended for POP.

On demand printing services on various products

For unique item to fit images to users likings, online on demand printing services as boom boom prints . These companies guarantee 100% satisfaction  which no artist has control over. Customer services at www.zazzle.com was good experience when return was made after a purchase.




100% cotton


3 snaps . easy access