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Take a quick survey of the objects on your desk right now. From the pen in your hand to the boxed salad you picked up for lunch, most of the products on your desk are labelled in some form. It is therefore no surprise that label printing is in high demand for businesses in every industry.

Printing labels for products is a versatile way to add function and branding. Find out what you need to know about labels before considering some for your business.

Circle roll labels are an attractive option for bulk label printing

What’s the difference between a label and a sticker anyway?

Indecisive about which products to choose when you see that we are selling “labels” while also the “stickers“. Whichever name you see fit for your sticky requirements, surprisingly there is no significant difference between the two.

For the most, stickers refer to a decorative product used for its design, whereas labels are functional tools used primarily for promoting, shipping and packaging. Ultimately, labels and stickers are printed on the same materials with the same printing methods.

What are some ways to use labels?

You might not even be aware that labels can be the print solution to your problems. Perhaps you want to update product packaging on a budget, or want more effective workplace safety signs. Here are some clear examples of how you can use labels as more than just decorative stickers.
Food packaging labels • Cosmetic labels • Packaging seals • Consumer product labels • Shipping and mailing labels • Workplace safety labels

Print labels on paper, plastic or even metallic foil

What types of labels and stickers would I print for my business?

Label printing comes in many shapes and sizes. At Kansept, we offer them in two forms, roll labels and square cut labels.

Roll labels are a convenient option for bulk label printing. When used with dispensers, roll labels are quick to apply. Along with custom shapes we have 4 standard shapes: square, rectangle, circle and oval. If you require water-resistant labels, the white or clear plastic material will be appropriate. Alternatively, paper labels are the best choice for all around purpose at smaller budgets.

Square cut labels also called butt cut, come with a convenient slit back feature for easy peeling. Since these are individual stickers, they are great for promotional use as marketing giveaways.

Keep in mind that your labels must comply with legal requirements. With the countless options for materials and shapes, printing labels for products solely based on aethestic appeal can be very tempting.  Make sure that your business is up to par with the regulations for safe product labelling.

In Canada, for example, there are regulations for consumer product labelling , cosmetics labelling and food labelling. Food product packaging specifically requires adhering to food safety standards. Refer to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency for thorough information on labelling  allergens, nutritional information, ingredient lists, health claims and more.

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