Quick Guide

Are your product labels breaking the law? When you are designing and printing product labels, remember to consider more than just the look of the label. Product labels serve a key function too: to identify products clearly to the consumer.

As such, your labels must comply with legal requirements. Most countries have strict regulations to ensure products are safely labelled. Laws are in place to ensure that consumers are well-informed about the products they are purchasing. In Canada, there are guidelines for labelling many products, including foodsconsumer products, and cosmetics.

Food Labels

Food labels are the most direct form of communication between brands and consumers. Most importantly, it involves adhering to food safety standards. Certain foods have specific labelling requirements, including meats, fish, and even salt.

Visit the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website, which provides thorough regulations on how to label information such as:

• allergens
• nutrition information
• ingredient lists
• food grade and quality
• health claims
• and more

Consumer Product Labels

When labelling non-food packaged products, you and you should be aware of the regulations enforced by the Competition Bureau of Canada. There are three mandatory components of a product label:

• product identity
• net quantity
• dealer’s name and address

In fact, the regulations outline where and how the components must appear on the product label. Be sure to follow the guide closely when designing your labels.

Cosmetic Product Labels

Contrary to what you may think, cosmetics do not only consist of beauty products. In fact, cosmetic products can include anything from dental floss to shampoo. In Canada, Health Canada regulates the labelling of cosmetic products for the purposes of “health, safety, product comparison, and prevention of fraud.” Labels on cosmetic products must include information such as:

• product identity
• net quantity
• name and address of the manufacturer
• avoidable hazards and cautions
• ingredients

When it comes to product labelling, remember to combine design with function. This is by no means a comprehensive list of label regulations, but ultimately, a great label should inform and attract consumers. Once you finalize a design, be sure to consider choose from our selection of Roll Label materials and shapes.