Thermographic Raised Printing refers to two types of printing. Both of which rely on heat to create the letters or images on a sheet of paper. Its added texture embellishes and accentuates Corporate image, usually simple in their forms.

Raised printing pops off your designs. Popularized by its simple and traditional method of offset printing, it still serves a great deal of added impressions. With text and graphic’s pop, it is irresistible to touch. A polished look with an extra sense to intrigue and complement its visuals.

raised printing envelopes


raised printing letterheads


raised printing business cards



Professional organizations as doctors’ offices, lawyers and chartered accountants are well represented with Raised Printing method. Since their business image is often simple. Contrast to an expression by descriptive illustration style in branding. Unlike the large corporations with allowable spendings to express their design simplicity with costly mediums and variety of printing techniques.

What would be the next in line to express your identity? Uniqueness that does not cost a fortune? Differentiating away from trendy thus familiarized embellishments like Gloss Coatings, Matte Laminations or Spot Varnish? Thermographic Raised Printing should definitely be tried for the next branding in line. Kansept Media is offering extra savings for first batch of orders. Our promotion also include a Free Setup for customers without digital files but with hard copies to recreate their same designs for Letterheads or Business Cards.


*our offer remains without a deadline for customers with their first setup and its printing. Shipping in great Vancouver area is included in its price shown, for other quantities not listed in this promotion will be extra. Our standard colours include : fireball red, reflex blue, green and yellow . Colour mix available for PANTONE specifics. Paper upgrades include : linen, laid, crest, fiber and translucent. Promotional price is for Letterheads used on inkjet printer or handwritten purpose. Laser Printer Safe letterheads are available option. Upon its graphic and file review, close registration and edge printing may incur extra charge. Please email us for quantities available, complete list of colour and paper options.