Just as little bird tweets
and flaps in excitement.

Sunny day is brighter, blue sky is beyond its bluest reflection. All these and much more, when you got a Sweet you can Tweet on. Excitements and colours that shines through upon your first crush. Timid as a cute little bird yet to glide through high clouds, its baby wing flaps now are the beginning of unknown atmosphere yet to be discovered. It isn’t easy to keep up with a winged creature as it tweets, sweets all the while.

Morning Chirp
너의 소망의 날개 활짝펴 새 아침의 하늘로 날아올라봐 . 저 구름너머 저 태양바라보며 날아봐 널 향한 햇살 . 벼랑끝에서 힘껏 뛰어봐 새 아침의 하늘로 날아봐 . Dreaming of flying . connotation of positivity . especially when the flight is new . whether from or to, in liberation arise a hope of yet another dream

Flying Bird


Flying Bird

같은 목표를 향해 나가는 게라면 아무 때고 다시 만날 날이 있겠지 . 고대하면 이루어질수도 . 나르려 휘두려야 날개 가 생길듯 . 여틋하면 칠면조 가 될수도 있단다

Variation in Application
Colourful as they are, all in their own personality . Friends as whole, flapping their little wings to their common goals . Interested, curious endeavour as a group, a flock in harmonious pattern.